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Naofumi Suematsu joined the lab.

April 1, 2024


A commentary on Ammonium Taste is out

December 8, 2023

Taruno. Trends Neurosci - 2023

The 10th Federation of the asian and Oceanian Physiological Societies Congress

November 1, 2023

Speaker: Akiyuki Taruno

Kokoro Inoue, Hiroko Okuda, and Rie Kato joined the lab.

April 1, 2023


Our review paper on salt taste is out.
November 4, 2022

Taruno and Gordon. Annual Review of Physiology - 2022

Ion Channel Modulation Symposium, Clare college, Cambridge

June 22, 2022

Speaker: Akiyuki Taruno

The 44th annual meeting of the Association for Chemoreception Sciences

April 22, 2022

Session: “Career Award Lectures” (Organizers: Danielle Reed)

Talk title: Gustatory neurotransmission mediated via the channel synapse

Speaker: Akiyuki Taruno

Akiyuki Taruno received Mid-career Investigator Award of the Association for Chemoreception Sciences (U.S.A.)

April 20, 2022

The 73rd Korean Physiological Society Annual Meeting, Korea

Oct 27, 2021

Speaker: Kengo Nomura

Speaker: Akiyuki Taruno

Akiyuki Taruno awarded JST CREST funding for the study of peripheral and central mechanisms of taste

Sep 21, 2021

Core Research for Evolutionary Science and Technology


Mark Sherwood joined the lab

September 1, 2021


The 35th Joint Annual Conference of Biomedical Science, Taiwan

June 27, 2021

Speaker: Akiyuki Taruno

The 43nd annual meeting of the Association for Chemoreception Sciences

April 29, 2021

Session: “Cell Types in Taste Buds And Tentacles” (Organizers: Thomas Finger and Sue Cinnamon)

Talk title: Salt-Responsive Cells - A Unique Cell Type?

Speaker: Akiyuki Taruno

Akiyuki Taruno chosen as one of the 2021 recipients of The Young Scientists' Award: The commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, and Technology - Japan.
April 6, 2021

Yu Yamada and Takanori Aoki joined the lab
April 1, 2021

We report post-translational regulation of the CALHM1/3 channel by N-glycosylation and S-palmitoylation, providing insights into the fine control of associated physiological processes including gustation.
March 31, 2021
Okui, Murakami et al. FASEB Journal 2021

Akiyuki Taruno chosen as one of JST FOREST researchers
Feb 2, 2021
Fusion Oriented Research for disruptive Science and Technology


Kengo Nomura chosen as one of JST ACT-X researchers

October 20, 2020

Our review paper on taste transduction and channel synapses is out.
September 17, 2020

Taruno et al. Pflügers Archiv - European Journal of Physiology - 2020

To transmit taste information from taste bud cells to afferent neurons, all taste qualities excluding sour employ the unique "channel synapses" which involves CALHM1/3 channels for neurotransmitter release instead of synaptic vesicles. This review summarizes the current view of taste transduction and neurotransmission with emphasis on our recent discoveries on channel synapses and salty taste.

The fantastic virtual ISOT2020

August 5, 2020

Session: “In bad taste: Sensors and Circuits for Bitter, Salty, and Sour” moderated by Emily Liman and Craig Montell

Talk title: All-electrical Signal Transduction and "Channel Synapses" Mediate Sodium Taste

Speaker: Akiyuki Taruno

We report the structures of CALHM channels (killifish CALHM1, human CALHM2 and C.elegans CLHM-1). The findings provide insights into the structure and ATP permeation of the neurotransmitter-release channel in taste cells. A wonderful collaboration with Nureki Lab (Tokyo U.)

July 17, 2020

Demura et al. Science Advances 2020

Our paper on salty taste is out.We report the identity of taste cells dedicated to the sodium-selective, attractive component of salty taste (aka sodium cells) and their intracellular signal transduction.

March 30, 2020

Nomura et al. Neuron 2020

Now how can we reduce salt intake without losing that delicious taste based on this?

Dr. Shogo Soma joined the lab

July 1, 2019


Dr. Nomura and Mr. Murakami joined the lab

April 1, 2019


We report the localization of CALHM channels in taste cells

February 2019

We report the protocol for AAV-Mediated Gene Delivery into Taste Cells

January 2019

Taruno & Kashio. Methods Mol Biol 2019

We report innate and acquired tolerance to bitter stimuli in mice

December 2018

Mura#, Taruno# et al. PLOS ONE

Taruno Lab started!

September 1, 2018

We report that CALHM1/CALHM3 is the bona fide neurotransmitter-release channel in type II taste cells

May 2018

Ma#, Taruno# et al. Neuron 2018

Review article on ATP release channels

March 2018

Taruno. Int J Mol Sci 2018

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